Bloggershout Refund Policy


No refund will be provided after order if you don’t provide us the requirement for the services that we sent you immediately after you placed an order on our website.

Full refund will be provided if we don’t able to provide you the service that you bought at our website. Just mail us at

Plugin & Themes
Due to the nature of product, we don’t provide any refunds after the purchase. However, we want our customers to be completely happy with their purchase, we do provide refund for the technical issue(related to core features of the plugin that was promised while order) that occur within the first 14 days of your purchase(not because of any other plugin) and we are not able to solve it.Note: SLA of Support Ticket is 72 Hour and from Mon-Fri 9am-5pm

Also We will not provide refunds for technical issues unless you have first allowed us to attempt to resolve the issue. If we are unable to resolve a technical issue related to the main feature (i.e. core features only), we will provide a refund within the purchase of 14 days. All refunds require an existing support email( as evidence that you have given us the opportunity to resolve the issue.

Breach Of License

If you exceed the use of the software on more than the license you bought. Your account has been suspended and cannot be reinstantiated in any way. To activate the account you need to pay a fine of $100. If necessary legal action may be taken. No refund has been provided in case of breach of license term.